The Melanesian cruise caters for all holiday types, with one especially fascinating one being the birding tour

The Melanesian cruise caters for all holiday types, with one especially fascinating one being the birding tour. Although the Melanesian cruise will have hundreds of people on board, only a dozen or so will be scheduled for the birding part of the trip. This is why it is essential for birders that want to visit these Polynesian islands to book their space way back in advance. Booking onto the Melanesian cruise means that all of the mundane details of the trip will be handled by someone else and once you make payment and confirm your spot, all you would have to do is pack your luggage and pitch up to the boats dock point. Prep help is given to all tour guests on what exactly to bring along for the trip. Since guests will not be lugging their bags around from point to point, they can make full use of their allocated weight or simply pack lightly and take a whole lot of gifts back home. Birders need to not forget to bring along their binoculars.


Groups will be stationed away from the birds so as not to disturb them and binoculars are the only way to get a clear view.  From the time that guests board the Melanesian cruise, all basic aspects will be covered. This is to say, the journey itself, all accommodation, 3 meals a day, entry into birding areas and the birding guide. The guide is one of the most important elements on the Melanesian cruise birding experience. This is why there is such a rush to secure a spot on this tour especially. English is not the main medium spoken in the Melanesian region and the guide is there to bridge the gap for birders. They are also there to ensure that the group gets to see as many of the endemic species offered by these islands, as can be done within 2 weeks.

Two weeks may seem like a long time for a holiday, but birders know that this time can fly by during their bird watching time. Therefore, the itinerary needs to be carefully scheduled. The tour company will handle this, and the tour guide will adhere to it as close as possible. Guests going on the birding Melanesian cruise can also come up with a few birds that they hope to really see on the trip and the guide can include this to be a priority. Birding lists will fill up during the Melanesian cruise as birders can expect to see in excess of a hundred species. The Melanesian islands are a truly spectacular place and it would be a downer to go all that way and not get to enjoy other aspects of the islands other than its wildlife. The late afternoon time is a very slow time in bird watching so this is generally when birders will get to enjoy these other island offerings. One popular visit is to a local Fijian tribal village where guests get to take in local culture and witness age old traditional dances. Another fun getaway during the Melanesian cruise is a scuba diving adventure or to simply relax in the sun on one of the idyllic beaches.