Apartments, new hotel planned on site of Vista Ave. hotels in Boise

A potential project to redevelop a large hotel site near the Boise Airport appears to move forward. BoiseDev first reported on the project last summer.

Gardner Company held a pre-application meeting with the City of Boise last week on a proposal to replace several hotels at 3300 S. Vista Ave. near Interstate 84.

Boise Management Inc. owns the 9.126-acre property. Gardner Co. President David Wali told BoiseDev last year that his firm is working as developer on the property.

The project would be split into two phases, according to an application letter from Gardner Co. development coordinator Dave Bieter. The first phase would replace parking and a Lotus by Hotel Inn hotel on the east end of the site.

Apartments first

Two five-story apartment buildings would go up. An underground parking lot would sit under one of the buildings. Then five stories of apartments would be built, with five studios,

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Nuclear sky hotel not impossible, video creator says

(CNN) — A fantasy video showing a gigantic flying hotel that can stay in the sky for years on end has caused a sensation online, despite being beyond the realms of current technology and in breach of the laws of physics.

Nevertheless, Yemeni engineer Hashem Al-Ghaili, who created the Sky Cruise concept video based on a futuristic design by artist Alexander Tujicov, insists it’s only a “matter of time” before aviation engineering catches up to his vision.

And, he says, his outlandish concept will help push the boundaries of what is possible.

Al Ghaili told CNN he wants Sky Cruise to be a talking point to inspire new innovations that will help replace the “tiresome” and “outdated” experience of flying today.

“Hence, I imagined a world where flying from one place to another turned into a joyous experience, rather than fighting for leg space,” he said via email.

‘Castle in

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John Travolta’s Son Dies In Bahamas

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