Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world as it is home to an interesting mix of cultures, civilizations and people. This Southeast Asian country has a lot to offer travelers, from stunning islands and serene beaches to tiny hamlets, ancient monuments, heritage sites and contemporary buildings. You will surely be mesmerized by every step you make in this peaceful country.

Be sure to check out some of Malaysia’s most unusual tourist destinations besides taking part in adventure activities, traveling to tropical islands and discovering coral reefs. Here is a list of places to enhance your holiday experience in Malaysia.


One of the largest in Southeast Asia and the most impressive temple is the Kek Lok Si Temple. Temple halls, pagodas, and arches have intricate carvings, sculptures, and murals depicting Buddhist teachings, Chinese culture, and daily rituals. This temple is undoubtedly a treasure of Mahayana Buddhism. Visit the Tortoise Liberation Pond first, where you can see large numbers of turtles swimming and relaxing at the temple entrance. Then, as you stroll around the temple gardens, admire the three-story Kek Lok Si Pagoda, which features several architectural styles on each level.


It is one of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia, and adventure seekers love it. They can snorkel and dive and get a closer look at various marine life. It is considered a top tourist site in all of Malaysia and is a favorite with divers and snorkelers who visit the island for day trips from the city. In addition, divers from all over the world will travel to this location to meet stingrays and seahorses.


If you’re looking for offbeat places to visit in Malaysia, you must go to the colorful Rain Forest yet during your Malaysia vacation. One of the oldest rainforests in the world is the Yet Rainforest, which is estimated to have existed for more than 130 million years. It is also one of Malaysia’s best kept secrets, and well worth a visit.

This protected rainforest, which is home to some of the most unusual species of flora and animals, as well as indigenous people, is located next to the beautiful Lake Temenggor. You can boat on the lake or camp here in addition to enjoying the nature trails nestled within the rainforest. Several adventure sports, such as high-rope and zip lining, as well as bird watching in the area, are also available.


Again, another place you haven’t heard of in Malaysia, but it’s worth your time. The Chemorong Forest Reserve, located in Terengganu, is one of Malaysia’s best kept secrets and one of its most stunning natural attractions. The forest reserve, which is largely untouched and unaltered, is home to majestic pools, crystal clear rivers, lush flora and a serene setting.

The forest that you can reach after climbing for 1.5 hours also has a number of amazing waterfalls that you can visit. In addition, you can picnic in the various areas of the reserve or camp by the quiet river that flows through the forest, enhancing its charm. Swimming pools near Lesung Rapids and Bangan River are also available for relaxing swims.


On the northeast coast of Borneo, in the state of Sabah, is the historic Malaysian city of Sandakan, which offers stunning panoramic views. Despite having an important role in Malaysian history, Sandakan is a lesser-known tourist destination in the country. However, there are many memorials and museums in the city where you can get a glimpse into the past. Be sure to stop by the Puu Jih Shih Buddhist Temple while exploring Sandakan. This temple, which is located on a hill, offers an amazing view of Sandakan Bay. Puu Jih Shih is a magnificent traditional temple. You can see huge gilded statues of dragons and Buddhas.