Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia that Must Be Visited

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Vacationing to the beach is the right choice to spend cheerful time with your beloved friends or family. No need to take a long vacation, Indonesia has many exotic beaches which are a pity to miss.

  1. Pink Beach, Komodo Island

Most tourists crave a view of the beach with a stretch of white sand combined with clear blue water. Don’t you want something different? If so, coming to Pink Beach on Komodo Island is the right choice.

Pink Beach is called because this beach has pink beach sand. This pink color is said to originate from coral debris and other biota which are carried by the current to the land and mixed with the sand of the beach. You can adventure on this beach while snorkeling or diving. For an unexpected experience, you can try to explore the mainland to meet the famous inhabitants of this island, especially if it’s … Read more

Enjoy The Beauty Of Lake Como

Besides enjoying the beauty of Lake Como by taxi boat, you can enjoy it on foot. There are several paths you can choose, one of them is Sentiero Del Viandante from Varenna to Lierna.

And before you enjoy a vacation in Lake Como, it’s good for you to choose our recommendations villas as follows:

Lettings Lake Como Vacation Packages direct by owner

If you want to try out a vacation package, you can visit Lake Como Villa rental with the vacation package provided by your villa owner can save your money and get a villa recommendation that has gained the trust of the previous visitors and tourists, immediately come and visit lake Como.

That’s a recommendation from us, so you can enjoy a vacation without having to book at a travel agent, but directly contact the owner of the villa, so that your vacation is more optimal.

Here are the Read more


If you want to reward the children something for their hard work over the years in terms of academic, you can try to do something new like go camping. It is a fun activity for them to spend their time.

We recommend you to go family camping to fill the holidays. Set up the tents, organize, learn cooking and sharing foods with other family members is something that you can learn in a family camping. The children will learn how to cooperate with others. You can also introduce the ways of living with nature and the importance of maintaining the sustainability of nature around through this activity.

Select The Right Location

Family camping is certainly a little different with the camping you usually do with friends during the school or college time. Do not choose the hard path of location such as the forests. It is because location is important … Read more