Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia that Must Be Visited

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Vacationing to the beach is the right choice to spend cheerful time with your beloved friends or family. No need to take a long vacation, Indonesia has many exotic beaches which are a pity to miss.

  1. Pink Beach, Komodo Island

Most tourists crave a view of the beach with a stretch of white sand combined with clear blue water. Don’t you want something different? If so, coming to Pink Beach on Komodo Island is the right choice.

Pink Beach is called because this beach has pink beach sand. This pink color is said to originate from coral debris and other biota which are carried by the current to the land and mixed with the sand of the beach. You can adventure on this beach while snorkeling or diving. For an unexpected experience, you can try to explore the mainland to meet the famous inhabitants of this island, especially if it’s … Read more

Next time you visit Myanmar, visit these spots at any rate once

Myanmar is comprehensively known for the Country’s imperative brilliance and style. An enormous number of Travelers from around the world Visit here reliably to witness Myanmar’s awesome flawlessness. Myanmar irrefutably has most number of wonderful Places on the planet. A few days Visit in this stunning Asian Country is irrefutably repaying wander. There are a portion of the best places to movement Myanmar where most Travelers love to Visit. Yangon, generally called Rangoon, which is the Country’s capital, has a champion among different Places to Visit in Myanmar.

Myanmar destinations -Best Places to Visit

Schwedagon Pagoda

Situated in Yangon, Myanmar; considered as the most acclaimed working in the city for its unique cone-formed highlights. This is accepted to be the most sacrosanct Buddhist pagoda for the Burmese people. Its outstanding splendid shaded appearance makes it much significantly all the more spellbinding. Created course back in the region of 6th and … Read more

6 Reasons to Spend a Week or More in Memphis

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Everyone knows that Memphis is known for blues and barbeque, but there are a ton of other great reasons to visit Memphis and even spend a week or longer there. From great Southern hospitality to day trips out in nature, you’re going to be glad you decided on an extended stay. These are six reasons to spend a week or more in Memphis.


You know Graceland had to top the list — and for good reason. Everyone loves visiting the home of Elvis Presley. By today’s standards, the house might not seem that large, but when it was built in the 1950s it was downright lavish. Don’t forget to visit the car museum too, which even includes his two private planes.

Metal Museum

Nestled nicely along the bank of the Mississippi River is the United States’ only museum dedicated solely to the craft of artisan metalwork. … Read more