Travel to the Zoo, These Tips Will Be Very Useful for You!

Family vacations with children to the zoo can be a very exciting moment. Hanging out with animals will be even more exciting if a traveler knows 7 tips for a vacation to the zoo.

It’s more fun to take a trip to the zoo with small children and introduce them to the various animals native to Indonesia, Africa or other countries that are part of the collection. Here are 7 tips to make going to the zoo more exciting:

1 Bring a drink

Drinking water is of course an important thing when traveling anywhere, including when going around the zoo. Of course we walk a lot at the zoo and that means we have to drink a lot without the hassle of buying anything. In addition, a traveler can save more expensive expenses when at the zoo location.

2 Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Walking around the zoo is the most fun to walk and greet all the animal collections one by one. When walking, of course, the traveler sweats a lot. So wear clothes made of cotton to absorb sweat and not smell quickly. Also don’t forget to wear the most comfortable shoes in your opinion, and also wear socks to avoid blisters on the soles of your feet.

3 Keep a safe distance from the cage

This is something that must be considered so as not to endanger yourself, travelers, especially children, must keep their distance from animal cages. Usually each cage has a barrier where a traveler is only allowed to interact with animals within the safe limits. Do not occasionally cross the line, because we never know the condition of the animal. You might be pounced on because the animal feels disturbed.

4 Do not give random food to animals!

In all cages there is always a sign prohibiting feeding the animals. Remember! the board is not just a mere display that can be violated at will. Most Indonesian tourists ignore this.
Even though this risk really threatens the safety of animals, especially animals that are already rare in Indonesia such as rhinos, tigers and other animals. Not necessarily the food provided by visitors is suitable for animal digestion. If you bring small children, remind them not to feed them carelessly.

5 Find out the feeding time

If a traveler wants to see directly the animals that are eating at the zoo, you can. The manager usually makes a feeding time program where travelers can watch various animals eat their favorite food given by the keepers.

6 Try the baby zoo rides

Now there are many zoos that offer baby zoo rides that contain animal children. Of course, the behavior of baby zoos is cuter than adult animals.
In the baby zoo rides there are many exciting attractions such as riding a tiny pony, getting to know hippos, lion cubs, tiger cubs, baby orangutans to leopards.

7 Don’t hesitate to enter all the zoo rides

The zoo has many rides for a collection of wild animals such as a scary reptile park, a crocodile farm, and a lion cage. Don’t worry, you can still go inside without fear of danger.