Ghana is a coastal country and it is fitting that most tours start with a sailing adventure through the village of Nzulezu

With its friendly people and welcoming climate, Ghana is an excellent country to start off an African holiday. Let us look at some of the highlights a Ghana tour guest will experience during their 2 week stay in the country. It should be noted, that the Ghana tour does include a tour guide who will be with the group for the trips entirety. Their job is to lead the group and entertain on the country. An additional photography guide can come along, but you would have to book into one that caters for this. There is no doubt that you would get in some unique shots in Ghana which would make the photography course done during the tour that much more needed. Ghana is a coastal country and it is fitting that most tours start with a sailing adventure through the village of Nzulezu. This also employs a chance for scuba diving, fishing and enjoying local seafood cuisine. A UNESCO sight in Ghana is the Coast Cape Castle.


It was here that slaves were housed in dungeons and forced onto ships for America were they were sold into slavery. It is a significant point on the Ghana tour. Another would be the tribute of Independence Square to the founder of the country, Kwame Nkrumah. Bearing his statue holding an enclosed flame which he himself lit, decades ago. A world famous part of Ghana is the coffin makers of Accra. This ritual gained fame for making custom coffins for people, most based on their jobs. Haggling skills can be tested in Accra or at Kumasi on the Ghana tour. Both are brimming with marketplace activity of local crafts and clothing. Any highlight of an African vacation has got to be the wildlife and Ghana delivers. Here is a chance to see those jungle animals such as lions, hippos and baboons in the natural environment. You would venture out on a safari into their territory and would then get to see how they behave in their own space.

This is not possible when seeing them at the zoo. The many different national parks visited during the Ghana tour allows for an assortment of animals to be viewed. The first would be the Elephants at Mole National Park. Containing the only rainforest canopy in Africa, guests get to spend a couple of days in the park. The stay also entitles guests to then be able to mingle with the local tribe of the area which is a little outside of the park and to get a close up view of the Mona monkey. This is an endangered species and the tribe has taken it upon themselves to protect them, in part due to their spiritual reverence of them. The people protect the land and will not allow just anyone to wander through. The Ghana tour is great for birders too, though they will not get their fill as only a day is spent at the Black Volta River which attracts many exotic species. The Ghana tour can be fully focused on birding. It just means booking into one that has its full focus on this aspect.