The Pamir Highway can be found in Central Asia

The Pamir Highway can be found in Central Asia, running along countries like Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. Pamir Highway tours are one of those holidays that are more popular among the more adventurous of travellers. The area is really remote and the entire trip is done by road journey. The Pamir Highway can be tackled by either a motorized vehicle or by bicycle. A bicycle trip of the Pamir Highway can only be done by the more athletically advanced of sportsman. The roads along this mountainous terrain aregruelling to cycle, though this toughness is what most adventurers are after for their holiday. The uphill climb along with the height of the highway makes for a difficult cycle.

Cyclists who want to attempt the Pamir Highway on bike should ideally, first get a full medical examination done and get the go ahead from their doctor for the trip. Pamir Highway tours should be tackled in the spring and summer months. It will still be cold as this is the climate of the region but at least it would be bearable. Pamir Highway tours begin with guests flying into Dushanbe, a city in Tajikistan. The tour can begin at either end of the Pamir Highway, though Dushanbe is ideal due to the Visa requirements and the easier route.


Dushanbe is also the only relatively modern city to be encountered along the Pamir Highway. As the highway goes along, tour guests delve deeper into countryside living, scattered with tribes that have no connectivity to modern living. Even by bringing along your own bike, do not do the tour privately. The kind of support offered by tour companies is essential in an area such as this.

You would also want to get the most memories out of the trip which is very unlikely when the group is unfamiliar with the Pamir Highway. Rather leave that aspect to the experts. The only thing that the group will have to focus on, is the trip itself and the cycling adventure. The tour company will handle everything else on the trip. After a day of riding, one hardly wants to deal with making arrangements for meals or accommodation. A tour guide will follow the group in a vehicle stocked with camp tents and food.

They will take charge of setup and prep work. Being a remote setting, there will not be restaurants and lodges along the way. This is why all equipment will have to be carried throughout Pamir Highway tours. There will be some villages where tour guests will get a chance to stay in a room for the night and partake in a family style meal. This is of course, only available if a Pamir Highway tour company is involved as guests will not be able to just waltz into a village and expect this treatment. Relationships will have to be made as villages are very weary of strangers. The Pamir Highway tour is a chance for westerners to get an inkling of a whole other way of life.