If you want to reward the children something for their hard work over the years in terms of academic, you can try to do something new like go camping. It is a fun activity for them to spend their time.

We recommend you to go family camping to fill the holidays. Set up the tents, organize, learn cooking and sharing foods with other family members is something that you can learn in a family camping. The children will learn how to cooperate with others. You can also introduce the ways of living with nature and the importance of maintaining the sustainability of nature around through this activity.

Select The Right Location

Family camping is certainly a little different with the camping you usually do with friends during the school or college time. Do not choose the hard path of location such as the forests. It is because location is important for the comfort. And choosing the nature as the camping location is a good choice. We recommend you to choose a location that not too far from the city center. It will be not boring for you because nature like forests will give you different experience.

Survey In Advance

It is very important to survey before you go so that you can decide what kind of tent and what equipment you should bring for the family camping. You also can avoid having trouble in finding a toilet or water for the purpose of cooking. Plan carefully how long will you stay. Because it is important to determine what equipment and how many of it you should bring.

Things You Can’t Forget

Bring the right equipment for your camping. Don not forget to bring clothes, umbrella, hat or a raincoat. You will also need a flashlight to use it at night. Cooking equipments such as rice cooker and portable stove are the most important things for your camping time. Without these equipments, it will be difficult for you to get a good quality of food. To support your cooking equipment, do not forget also to bring the ingredients such as rice, canned food (sardines and corned beef), the perishable vegetables (carrot, beans, potatoes, etc), and Snacks. Make sure that you will not be starving at the time of camping.

The other important equipments are Sleeping bag and blanket to support your night time. The last one is do not forget to bring your own medicine for the urgent matters. Because there will be no shop or drugstore around the forest.

Campsites Near St Malo

If you are in France you can try this wonderful Les Ormes, A Campsites Near St Malo. This camping site is ready for your tents, caravans, or your motorhomes. We provide the perfect location near the ponds within the premium area. Go camping with all your family members. It is because we are also accessible to disabled people. Come here and create the unforgettable memories with your family.