Enjoy The Beauty Of Lake Como

Besides enjoying the beauty of Lake Como by taxi boat, you can enjoy it on foot. There are several paths you can choose, one of them is Sentiero Del Viandante from Varenna to Lierna.

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Here are the advantages of Lake Como:

Sentiero Del Viadante from Varenna to Lierna.

Time needed: 12 hours

Recommended season: Winter, spring

Maximum difference at an altitude of 563m (from Varenna to Lierna)

While walking to enjoy the beauty of Lake Como, you will also find some interesting places.

English tomb

This tomb was built in 1820. This cemetery has been restored several times. The funeral chapel is on the south side, opposite the entrance. This chapel was built in 1931, designed by the famous Milan sculptor Giannio Castiglioni. One of Catiglioni’s amazing works, is one of the doors of the Duomo in Milan.


Fiumelatte is the shortest river in Italy. This river is only 250m away, between the source and the mouth. The water flow runs with a 36 degree drop, making the flow hard, and the water foaming. The water becomes white like milk. The river is dry in mid-October and reappears in mid-March.

The Capuana

After passing Fiumelatte, you will meet the famous Capuana. This villa was built by Ercole Sfondrati in 1600, the owner is Duca Serbelloni. Nearby is also the spring of Uga which has clear, fresh and sweet water. This water quality does not change both during the rainy and dry seasons.

Lierna Castle

Lierna Castle is a castle on the east side of Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy. This castle was built on a peninsula jutting into the lake, and consists of several interconnected buildings. The main part of the current building, built in the 10th century, is in Roman style. This castle includes the church of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, which is associated with the order of Saint Maurice and Lazarus. In 2005, renovations took place very carefully. And has brought the small church back to ancient grandeur.

The third path that you can choose when traveling on Lake Como is the Path from Varenna to Albiga in perledo.

Path from Varenna to Albiga in perledo.

Travel time: 1 day

Recommended season: autumn, spring.

On the way you will find some interesting spots, which you might not meet when choosing another route.

Vezio Castle

Vezio Castle has stood for more than 1000 years. This place is an ancient military post. In the early Middle Ages the Lombard Theodelinda queen built to maintain and control the lakes and surrounding villages. The castle is located in a strategic military and commercial location.

Cadriano Cross

Cestaglia is dominated by “Sasso di Cadriano” (458 m.) With its cross. They say that at the end of the nineteenth century, when Regoledo was more than a small settlement, the village butcher killed a villager in a roar of contention.

Monte Albiga

This is a peak peaking in the North West of Monte S. Defendente and it is basically a rock peak covered with dense vegetation, on the edge of two wide grassy basins. One can reach the top (915 m.) – covered with dense laburnum wood – following the trail.

So which route, you will choose to go to Lake Como?