The Beauty Beach and Sea of Palau Islands

Palau or the Republic of Palau is an archipelago country to the west of the Pacific Ocean. The total population of this country is approximately approximately 21 thousand people who live spread over 250 islands. Vacation to Palau, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean is fun. However, you must be quite deep pockets if you want to visit this country. The Republic of Palau will legally open a new five star hotel and this will make tourists comfortable with the facilities of the 5 star hotel. This new tactic is part of the tourism strategy of the Republic of Palau that puts more emphasis on quality than quantity. Are you interested in holiday in these islands, if you are planning a holiday here immediately visit palau liveaboard diving.

The Rock Islands

The most famous area in Palau is a place called The Rock Islands, or Archipelago, which is a group of islands that all the land is overgrown by greenery. This place is like a hidden area in the Pacific Ocean that has not been touched by a human before. In addition to The Rock Islands, Palau is home to approximately 21,000 residents also offers a beautiful diving location. It even includes one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world. Contact divebooker site and take a trip to this beautiful island.

Milky Way Lagoon

This Milky Way lagoon is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island of Palau. This lagoon is still located in the waters of the Rock Island cluster. Many exciting activities you can do in Milky Way such as swimming, snorkeling, or relaxing to enjoy the natural scenery is still very natural. Because of its beauty, this lagoon is the location of the recently released film of The Legend Of The Blue Sea. The shallow waters around the lagoon with very blue and clear water are the best locations for snorkeling. One of the most attractive things in this place is the presence of white mud that is believed to have the power to cure diseases.

Ngardmau Waterfall

Ngardmau waterfall is located on the island called Babeldaob, one of the islands in the cluster of Palau Island. This waterfall flows from the highest peak on Mount Ngerchelchuus, approximately 217 meters high. The tourists will not miss their exploration in Palau by visiting this amazing waterfall. Although the location is quite far in the island, but during the trip was quite enjoyable. You will pass through forests and tracks that are enough to drain the energy to reach Ngardmau Waterfall. But it all pays off once you get to the location. Stunning waterfall views, fresh air, and a tranquil natural setting. Do not miss also to swim in the pond that is under this waterfall. The water is very cool and clear.

Lake Jellyfish

This is the best place to do snorkeling on Palau Island. True to its name on the Lake Jellyfish (jelly fish) you can enjoy the most amazing underwater beauty in Palau. In this lake you can dive with thousands of jellyfish without fear of being stung. Because the jellyfish here are all tame, you can swim like Spongebob is playing with thousands of friends jellyfish.

Blue hole, island Palau

In the Blue Holes there are a variety of marine life from species of nudibranchs, shellfish, barracuda fish, snapper to various types of tuna. On the shallow cave walls live various species of tropical fish and coral reefs that are still very keukiannya awake. You will get an amazing view when you dive into this Blue Holes.

Kayangel Island

Kayangel Island lies on the northernmost part of the cluster of the Palau Islands, about 103 km away from the Koror Bridge. To get to Kayangel Island you have to travel by speedboat ride for 2 to 3 hours. But if the weather is not friendly travel will be longer. Under the sea Kayangel also lives a variety of small fish colorful as the types of snappers, tiger fish, butterfly fish, and sweet lips that live around Kayangel coral reefs. The island is also home to thousands of species of seabirds.

That’s the Places to Visit on Palau Island that Must Be Visited. Maybe the walk to Palau Island is interesting enough to be considered. Greeting tours.