Is copying the best form of flattery in airline marketing? Air New Zealand calls out Emirates!

Airline marketing is at its best when competing airlines one-up or call each another out. To launch its Premium Economy class cabin, Emirates released a new marketing video featuring a goose that decides to fly the airline’s new cabin instead of going south with its flock. As you can see below, it was a beautifully executed, very creative spot where the good chooses to “fly better” than its peers.

The only challenge? Air New Zealand did something very similar in 2016! Unsurprisingly, in true Kiwi style, the airline released its own video in response to Emirates and called out the airline for seeking inspiration. Now, watch this spot by Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand totally one-ups Emirates in this video. The remarkable thing about this video is that Air

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Why science based targets matter

When it comes to sustainability, one of the biggest problems any fossil fuel burning industry or company faces is that of credibility.

For example, in the infamous John Oliver show where he took apart carbon offsetting (a theme we’ll return to), Oliver spent a lot of airtime in making fun of Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary, showing an interview where O’Leary starts talking about “whales and dolphins” when asked about the airline’s (voluntary) carbon offset programm

Climate change activists simply don’t believe that companies that burn fossil fuels are actually serious about net zero, and think that any sustainability initiative is a smokescreen to carry on business as usual – or greenwashing.

And environmental groups have done research to support their point of view.  For instance, over the weekend, think tank Planet Tracker released a report accusing the APEW – the Alliance to End Plastic Waste – of doing next to nothing

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What yesterday’s electric aircraft announcements tell us

Yesterday there were two announcements in the next generation aircraft space, one from Heart Aerospace and another from Eviation. Together they tell us a lot about where the sector is heading.

Heart’s announcement was the bigger of the two.  

That’s because it involved equity deals with Air Canada and Saab, firm orders from Air Canada, and the announcement of a new facility to produce Heart’s aircraft in Gothenburg called Northern Runway.

Overall, the optics of the announcement were excellent.  On display were votes of confidence from major aviation companies, United remains the major customer and Scott Kirby appeared on video to talk about how the airline intends to be unique in reaching net zero without recourse to carbon offsets.

Those votes of confidence are a good indication of Heart Aerospace’s aircraft actually making it from the airframe sitting in the hangar right now to commercial flight in 2028.

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