The 5 Best Beaches Near Manila



Philippines is known for its tropical paradise beaches with white sands and blue sea. Those who are from Manila will find that they can easily access amazing beaches outside of the city area within a few hours. It is worthwhile compared to the long traffic jam that you experience in the city every day. The following is a list of the 5 best beaches near Manila.

  1. Laki Beach

Laki Beach is a white sand beach where you can easily find shades under coconut trees in Mariveles. The beach also allow visitors to set up a tent and spend the night there. The beach is only open from Friday – Sunday. You can visit this beach by renting a motor boat or signing up with a travel agency that offers Five Fingers adventure. There is no vendor around so make sure you buy your own food and drinking water at Mariveles. You can swim on this beach and take photo with the swaying coconut tree in the background.


  1. Liwliwa Beach

Liwliwa Beach is a fine sand beach lined with Agaho trees in San Felipe, Zambales. Liwliwa Beach has strong waves and is suitable for surfing. From Liwliwa, you can watch the sunrise over the Agaho trees and going down the sea horizon. It is less crowded and is the ideal spot for people who want to have some quiet time. You can sleep on the beach and light bonfire at night. There are thatched roof huts with wooden benches to sit on. Nearby, you will find many hostels and cabanas. Get more details on beaches near me.


  1. Borawan Beach

Borawan Beach is a narrow white sand beach with a few islets in Pagbilao, Quezon. You can rent a tent and camp overnight on this beach. If you have your own tent, you only have to pay for the pitching fee. You can climb the cliff and sit on top to take photo. You will also find giant rock formations on Borawan Beach. There is a bamboo restroom with a small store beside. If you want to go swimming, you should watch out for jellyfishes in the water.

  1. Lukang Beach

Lukang Beach is a tropical paradise with lots of lush greeneries and rock formations in Pagbilao, Quezon. From here, you can see the Pagbilao Tower station with red and white chimney. Here, you can find shade under the palm trees. There is no shop around so make sure you bring your own food and watersports equipment. When you go to knee deep water level, you can see some small fishes and other sea creatures. You can swim and snorkel at Lukang Beach. You can reach Lukang Beach by taking a boat from Pagbilo or Padre Burgos.

  1. Silanguin Beach

Silanguin Beach is a rocky beach with fir trees and mountains in the Zambales. The ash white sandy beach is secluded and usually has no crowd. Along the coastline, you will see small rocks appearing on the water surface. There are also large boulders that you can climb. You can do anything you want like swimming, and playing volleyball. It is also the perfect spot for watching golden sunset. Many people stay up in between 2 a.m. – 4 a.m. to see the spectacular scenery of sparkling stars view on this beach. There is a cooking area. You can rent tents from the nearby resort.