Best Countries to Travel for Animal Lovers

Here Are The Best Destinations For Animal Lovers | Travel.Earth

If you’re an animal lover who wants to have a look at different kinds of wildlife, then we’ve got a list that you’ll absolutely love. There are many places around the world that you can to go if you want to discover different kinds of animals. In some of these places, you can even see exotic animals.




When you think of animals, Africa would probably be the first place that comes into your mind because the majority of African lands are open plains and safari parks. Tanzania in East Africa, in particular, is full of rare animals such as the African Lynx, striped hyena, colobus monkey, and East African Oryx. You’ll also find a lot of endangered species of East Africa such as the black rhino, chimpanzee, lesser kudu, and Thomson’s gazelle. Hopefully, they could still be saved.




Brazil is the land of the big cats. It’s where you’ll find a lot of them roaming around the jungle areas. In this country, you’ll see tigers, panthers, and jaguars. It’s common to see a random jaguar appear in the forest areas sometime between June and November when the weather  is very dry.




You’ll find a lot of cute and quirky animals in Australia, especially in Albany. In fact, Albany is home to the rare but very cute quokka, an animal that looks like a fusion of a cat, a rat, and a kangaroo. They’re just about the same size as regular cats, but they’re extremely fearless. Even if you go near one, it won’t run away. It might even attack you! Aside from the quokka, Albany is also known for various reptile and amphibian species.




While Philippines isn’t known for many rare and exotic species, it’s one of the few countries to house tarsiers. Tarsiers are very small primate creatures that have big heads and big eyes. They’re nocturnal, so you won’t really see them unless you go out at night. Unfortunately, they’re endangered animals, so most of them are kept in conservation centers.




If you hop on over to the savannah lands of Venezuela, you’ll find the biggest rodent in the world, the capybara. The capybara is a big hamster-looking animal that’s probably as big as an anteater. A big population of them can be found in this area. There are also other animals to see such as pumas, giant anteaters, and the big anaconda.




When you go to Thailand, you’ll find many different species of elephants. In fact, elephants tend to roam around the villages and coexist with the people there. There are even elephant parks where you can feed and play with these majestic creatures.




These are just some of the best countries with the rarest animals. Do take note that most of these animals are in danger of being extinct, so most of them are under the protection of the government. You may visit them in conservation areas. If you’re interested, you can even inquire about what you can do in order to help save them.