Tips On Keeping Fatigue Away On Long Road Trips

When you set out on a long road trip you are no doubt set to experience great adventures and lots of amazing scenery. After all, this is what draws so many thousands of travelers to the open roads each year. One thing you may not be taking into consideration is the road fatigue that often comes about simply due to taking long drives plus the added stresses of logistics and life on the road. For this purpose you should take into account some basic tips for staying energized while on long road trips. This way you can set off in your cheap campervan hire and enjoy the wonders of the road without breaking down from fatigue along the way.



Before setting off on your trip make sure that you have your chosen music device all set up and ready to go. Make some playlists that will aid you in staying energized on your long drives. Everybody’s taste in music is different, of course, but as long as you pick the tracks that will act as a pick me up on the roadway then this will be an invaluable tool for staying alert and focused during those long drives between destinations on your trip.

There are many road song playlists on streaming stations such as Spotify and Pandora, so you can look up some of these as well and play them in your ride as you’re traveling to your next destination. Branch out a little and listen to some genres you may have never tried. This will just keep you even more energized since it works out your mind as well.


Energizing Foods

This is an important one. Make sure that you bring along plenty of snacks that you can chow down on during those longs drives. But you have to be careful which types of snacks you end up packing. If you bring along lots of junk foods or snacks that are high in sodium and sugar, this can end up making you even more tired than you had been since these snacks aren’t good for you and will cause you to crash when the sugar wears off. Bring along snacks that are energizing such as nuts, greens, and other vitamin rich snacks that will keep you nourished and energized. Make a list before setting out and then make sure that everything on your list is packed in a place within your cheap campervan hire where you can reach it while driving.

Another great thing about having healthy snacks along for the ride is that it will save you a lot in terms of budget. Stopping off to eat, no matter if it’s fast food or convenience stores, will start eating away at your budget for sure. When you have healthy snacks along for the ride, you not only stay energized but also keep cash in your pocket.

Company and Conversation

Keeping alert on the road is also a matter of your traveling companions. If you choose companions who are interesting and will keep up a conversation, then you are in luck when it comes to road fatigue. One of the leading causes of fatigue is boredom and lack of mental stimulation. If you have passengers along for the ride whose company you enjoy and who will keep you stimulated with great conversation, then this will do wonders for you on the road and help you stay awake and alert.

Also keep in mind that the less time you spend at the wheel, the less chances you will have at becoming tired. When you have traveling companions you can trade off on the driving duties and cut down on fatigue for everyone involved.


Just because you’re behind the wheel doesn’t mean that you can’t engage in games to keep you stimulated on the road. There are many verbal games that can be played amongst passengers that work to make those long hours disappear and promote a great vibe amongst your traveling party. Of course you can always make up your own games, and be sure to check out some possibilities online so you have plenty of games ready to roll by the time you roll out on the road.

There are a variety of ways to stay alert and stimulated mentally while on a cheap campervan hire trip with friends or family. It all comes down to proper nourishment, some good music, mental stimulation through games and conversation with your travel partners, and trading off at the wheel as much as possible during the trip. Staying away from fatigue will go a long way toward making your trip even more enjoyable and ensuring the desire for future road journeys. Unlike most problems that come with the road, keeping clear of fatigue is simple.