Ways to get the cheapest air tickets in India


Vacationing in beautiful destinations is something where all of us would want to invest both our money and time. We would love to take our family to international tourist destinations. But traveling can become a really costly affair if we do not plan well and especially if we do not get flight tickets at affordable prices.  Thus it is indispensable to get cheap air tickets. Are you wondering how do you get one? Here are a few easy hacks on getting them

 Online flight tickets

Always book your flight tickets online. It is very convenient and tension free. It also provides unbelievable discounts and offers. They will provide you the best deal of the day. Booking Mumbai to Delhi flights online offers unbelievable e-wallet cash backs too. So take the maximum benefit of technology and book tickets online.

Advance ticket booking

Advance ticket booking is very beneficial. Book your tickets 6 weeks in advance to get the cheapest tickets. This price will be at least 6 percent less than the average fare. Indeed, these prices are less expensive than AC train tickets. Got a Business trip to Delhi? Hurry up! Book your Mumbai to Delhi flights 48 days in advance.  Gone are those days when sitting on a plane was a luxury of the elite classes of the society.

Travel on Wednesdays

According to the prediction of the recent studies on the inflating and deflating prices of flight tickets, Wednesdays is the cheapest day to fly for domestic travel. On Wednesday the availability of seats is comparatively better than the other days.

Say no to weekend traveling

If you aim to make your flight ticket cheaper, never travel on weekends. The prices touch the sky on weekends. So avoid traveling on weekends.

Stay on your red alert

Get notifications on price fluctuations from at least 4 to 5 websites. This will even help you to compare the different prices of flight tickets on various sites and choose accordingly.

Check out different airlines

You need not be a loyal customer of a single airline company. The airline industry today provides variety. So choose your best deal wisely.

First flight

 Be an early bird and take the first flight of the day. It is the cheapest flight of the day. First flight means that you will have to wake up at 3 am. But it is surely worth it. It will save a lot of money for you which can be used for better purposes.

Return journey

While booking your return ticket, look for cheapest flights in the whole month and decide upon the day to fly back according to the different ticket prices during the month. Always look for cheaper tickets on different airline companies even though it is an easy task to book both the journeys together. Make an extra effort for getting better prices.

Search mode

This is one very small yet very significant hack. Remember to keep your browser in incognito mode. Wondering why to do so? This is because, if you do not do so, the companies can track your cookies. Your server details and cookies are automatically recorded in the websites viewed by you. Keeping track of your cookies, they can show you some highly inflated prices.  To avoid this, keep your browser incognito.

So folks, when you book your flights next time, remember to follow the instructions above to get the cheapest tickets.