Summer Preparation, Holiday to The Beach

The waves with stretches of white sand stretches and the wind is a beautiful beach atmosphere that makes us feel at home for long there. This is one of the fun tourist destinations that could be an option. On the beach we not only can see the beautiful beautiful sea, but can play sand, sunbathing, swimming, playing beach volleyball, and surfing. However, before traveling to the beach, we need some preparation. Listen below.

Pack the goods

Before we go to the beach, prepare a large or small bag in accordance with many at least the goods we will carry. Accessories like sunglasses, hats. As well as some additional items such as mats, umbrellas, cameras, toys for the beach, and so forth. Also a swimsuit and a spare suit whose material matches the beach’s hot temperatures and windy beach weather.

Bath equipment, health supplies are also not left behind. To cope with burning or sunburn, prepare a sunblock. And one more thing to remember, if there are items we want to carry, but can also rent similar items on the beach, you should choose to rent only. The goal is that the luggage is not too much like a surf board.

Add More Drink

The beach is hot, it makes a lot of sweat out. Excessive sweating results in dehydration and our body is weak. To avoid dehydration consume plenty of water. And while on vacation to the beach, provide a bottle of water bottled water. So the fluid in the body can still be fulfilled.

Protective against the sun

The sun’s blistering beaches can cause sunburn. Skin burns when peeling will cause irritation. So protecting the skin from sun exposure is very important. Way by applying a minimum sunblock SPF 30 so that the skin is protected. In addition to the use of sunblock, wear a hat as a head protector, sunglasses that can protect the eyes, if necessary use long-sleeved clothing when about to walk around the beach.

Prepare the food

There are several beaches in Indonesia that are located quite far from the shopping center or mini market, so food preparation is needed. Prepare a snack, fruit, if you like to bring vegetables and cooking supplies. Later, we can process the food we carry when on the beach or lodging. And the function of other cookware is to process the fish we get. Imagine how excited it is to cook your own fish with your family while on vacation at the beach.


It is important to pay attention to safety while on vacation at the beach. Usually there are signs, for example: high wave warning, maximum swimming limit, allowed to swim or not, and so on. Please notice dangerous animals that may be on the beach such as jellyfish, corals, and sea urchins. Do not let us have an accident that can reduce the fun of vacations on the beach.