6 Reasons to Spend a Week or More in Memphis

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Everyone knows that Memphis is known for blues and barbeque, but there are a ton of other great reasons to visit Memphis and even spend a week or longer there. From great Southern hospitality to day trips out in nature, you’re going to be glad you decided on an extended stay. These are six reasons to spend a week or more in Memphis.


You know Graceland had to top the list — and for good reason. Everyone loves visiting the home of Elvis Presley. By today’s standards, the house might not seem that large, but when it was built in the 1950s it was downright lavish. Don’t forget to visit the car museum too, which even includes his two private planes.

Metal Museum

Nestled nicely along the bank of the Mississippi River is the United States’ only museum dedicated solely to the craft of artisan metalwork. Explore a fascinating array of temporary exhibits, as well as the more permanent collection that features unbelievable pieces of hand-crafted metal art. The Metal Museum even has its own real blacksmith, along with an incredible view of Ol’ Miss.



Image via Flickr by chadmiller

Since we brought it up, we might as well discuss it. Memphis is world-renowned for its tasty barbecue, particularly the dry rub ribs. Since you have a good week or more, try to sample a little of everything from chicken to sweet and spicy pulled pork. Be ready to get messy, because most of the barbeque dishes in the area are slathered in sauce and covered in secret seasoning. Why else would Memphis be called the barbeque capital of Tennessee?

Reelfoot Lake

About 128 miles outside of Memphis is beautiful Reelfoot Lake. If you feel like spending a day out in nature, Reelfoot Lake is the place to go. In the early 1800s, massive earthquakes caused the Mississippi River to actually flow backward… which is how Reelfoot Lake was formed.

Today, Reelfoot Lake is a perfect place for canoeing, fishing, and bird watching. Keep an eye out for eagles, because there are many nests in the area. As you head back to your home base, and one of the many great hotels in the Memphis area, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for more fun during your extended stay.

Tennessee River Freshwater Pearl Museum

America’s only freshwater pearl farm is only a couple of hours from Memphis in the state of Tennessee. The pearls are cultured on the Tennessee River in an area known as Kentucky Lake, and there is an intriguing freshwater pearl museum adjacent to the farm that is also worth a visit. Take your time and enjoy a guided tour of the farm and museum. Afterward, shop for pearls or other jewelry.

Tunica Casinos

Tunica is only about 40 miles from Memphis and the perfect spot for nightlife. Hours of live entertainment await you. Try your luck at blackjack or roulette. When you’re tired of gambling, enjoy a concert or show, go shopping, or pamper yourself at the spa.

It won’t take long for you to see why everyone loves visiting Memphis. It’s due to the plethora of fun things to do and see — and amazing food as well.