What Makes Turquoise Cottage a Popular Hotspot for Party Lovers?


Metropolitan cities are known for their night life as much as for being multi-cultured and having a busy, chaotic environment. People from metro cities mostly look for places that will offer them peace, excitement or a place to hang out and relax themselves from their busy schedule.

Delhi, being the heart of India and the country’s capital city, is one of the busiest cities here and hence night life is a must for its citizens. It is usually believed among youngsters and first-time party goers that bars and pubs are very expensive, but there are affordable places that offer you everything like food, drinks and entertainment under one roof and one such place is Turquoise Cottage.

Ambience and Space:

This casual dining restaurant offers you terrace seating facility where you can chit-chat and dine with friends and family in a cool atmosphere and also admire and adore the beautiful view of the city. The terrace offers a grand ambience where you can dine in pleasant breeze. It also offers two huge floors for events, dance, food and drinks. You can see on different food websites that the ambience and service are rated the most amongst the other facilities offered.


Turquoise Cottage is the best place for party lovers as it often hosts events like karaoke, stand-up comedy, gigs etc. The music played here is good for people who love to shake and move their feet to tunes. You can hit this restaurant for entertaining events and also to dance with your partner or friends and have a wonderful exciting time over dinner. The music, events and dance offers you relaxation from everyday’s monotonous schedule.

Food and Beverages:

Turquoise Cottage has a full-time bar, a smoking area and grand options for food lovers on their menu card. They offer you all types of alcohol, hot and soft liquors and a smoking area. The food menu includes multi-cuisine variety like Indian, Continental, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Mediterranean and you are offered everything under one roof.


Turquoise Cottage is one of the in-demand places for the best dining experience at a reasonable price. You do not have to worry about this place being too expensive or burning a hole in your pocket in search of the perfect party place. It offers you services at a fair price; even food and drinks here are quite affordable.

Hence, Turquoise Cottage is a place you should hit if you are a party lover. The facilities, services offered, huge area, food and beverages make it a favourite place for party lovers. It is relaxing and exciting at the same time, thus offering what you wish for to make your weekend the perfect one. Instead of sitting at home and relaxing without excitement, buckle up and hit this place once in a while to let the party animal in you enjoy the service and ambience. Even for newbies and first-timers, this place is a must-visit to start partying and enjoying night life.