3 Wood Colors to Beautify Your Interior Design

Nature is gorgeous, no doubt. And many interior design ideas are big inspirations for home décor. The following article details 3 wood colors that could beautify and better the entirety of your interior designs.

Rustic for a Log Cabin Look

When you think of authentic log cabins, like Broken Bow cabins, you probably conjure mental images of natural woodlands with a stacked house of logs at the center. However, even if your home is clearly suburban in a cookie-cutter way, you can achieve a rustic log cabin look with interior design. Add an accent beam or two, deck out your home in hardwood floors [preferably of a lighter wood tone], and install a fireplace in your living room [if you don’t have one already]. Then gather the chairs and couches around the fireplace, make room for some thick, fluffy blankets, and invest in a solid wooden table to hold your hot chocolates on cold winter nights.

Mahogany for a Deep Forest Appearance

There is nothing quite like taking a beautiful walk through the forest, admiring the abundance of overgrown shrubs, gorgeous flowers, and towering trees. There are varying shades of green and lushness incorporated into a single expanse of forest beauty. And you can bring those elements of a mysterious, lovely nature to your home’s interior design. Mahogany hues set the tone with that deep forest appeal. If you are the DIY type, build yourself some rugged furnishings, such as a rocking chair or a nice, big couch. Use plump, plush cushions to offset the hardness of the wood. You could also create hanging frames from deep mahogany, perfect accentuations for rich, green walls.

Cherry Wood to Embody Japanese Culture

Cherry blossom trees are big deals in Japan because of their natural beauty and symbolism. Cherry blossoms represent the delicate beauty of life, as well as youth and the shortness of life in general. Cherry wood, therefore, represents purity, innocence, and why you should cherish every moment. Paint your home’s walls the subtle pink of a fresh-bloomed cherry blossoms. And use cherry wood in your coffee table and nightstands.

Interior designs are often inspired by nature, as evidenced in the above-mentioned décor suggestions. If none of these ideas are your proverbial cup of tea, come up with a few nature-inspired interior design concepts of your own. Simply stand outside for a while, notice the color and the beauty of nature, and bring that loveliness indoors.