A selection of this year’s Christmas campaigns

With Christmas almost upon us, we’ve taken a look at what a selection of airlines and airports have done to celebrate the Festive season.

Air Canada – Together for the holidays

Air Canada is celebrating the holiday season with a new, short film with a message of togetherness.

Launched on December 5th across Canada, the animated spot stars a baby loon who gets separated from its family on the annual journey south for the winter.  A strong gust of wind pushes the protagonist out of its parents’ path. However, landing in a Canadian winter cabin, the baby loon eats Christmas cake and makes a new friend – a wooden bird toy.

Santa then comes and takes both the bird and its toy friend south to be reunited with the rest of the family.

The spot features music from two Canadian artists: Where You Are by Tenille Townes, one of Canada’s

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Remembering the Clash

December 22, 2022

LOTS OF MEMORABLE THINGS happened in Decembers past. The final flight of Pan Am, for instance, took place in December of 1991. Three years before that, just a few days before Christmas, was the Lockerbie bombing.

But let’s talk instead about the Clash — yes, the British punk rock band led by guitarists and co-vocalists Joe Strummer and Mick Jones. A number of anniversaries mark December as “Clash month.”

We’ll start with December 14th, which was the 43rd anniversary of the release of London Calling, the band’s most famous album and arguably — argues me — one of the greatest rock records of all time.

This was a double LP (back when there were such things) clocking in with 19 songs, almost all of them outstanding. If there’s a singular highlight, it’s probably “Death or Glory,” which to me is the finest song in the entire

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Ten airline marketing campaigns from 2022 we loved

This piece comes from the Winter issue of Aviation Marketing Review (AMR) magazine.  Read the whole issue here.

With most post–pandemic travel restrictions coming to an end in 2022, airline marketing was back.  Over the past year we’ve seen some great campaigns where airlines have been reintroducing themselves to the travelling public.

Here are ten of our favourites from 2022.

Air France – Elegance is a journey

In May, Air France released a new ad showcasing the best of France and Paris for a global audience.

The video tells the story of a woman in a red dress climbing the Eiffel Tower, the iconic symbol of France. As the heroine ascends the metal structure, there is a sequence of scenes meant to convey different Air France attributes and features such as the cuisine, and the attention given to younger travellers on flights.

At the top of the tower, she

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