Fly Medview is the commonly used term to refer to the Nigerian commercial aviation company of Medview Airline

Fly Medview is the commonly used term to refer to the Nigerian commercial aviation company of Medview Airline. It is one of the major airlines in the country, giving locals access to domestic and international flights. Their route within the country is made up of popular stops like Abuja and Lagos but also cities like Kano and Aduga.

With Fly Medview, prospective passengers get a choice as to the cabin choice that they would prefer. Economy class ticket holders will get their seating, snacks and a meal, inflight magazine, along with both carry on and checked luggage. Business class ticket holders on Fly Medview get first class seating along with more entertainment and meal options, more luggage options and the use of business class lounges at the departing airport. The booking of tickets for Fly Medview can be done online.


Search engines are available all over the place, but you would want to use a reputable source to search for flights from Fly Medview. This is done for 2 reasons. Firstly, you would want to have access to all flights to make a very informed decision. This would not be possible if the search engine does not yield all flight schedules. Secondly, there is the convenience of being able to proceed directly with the booking from here, otherwise you would then be visiting another site, search for the flight that you were happy with from the results page and only then be able to make your booking. Flight planning is the bane of the travel process, be it for leisure or business purposes. You would of course want to simplify this process by any means possible.

Booking online also offers the benefits of being able to easily identify specials or any upcoming deals from Fly Medview so that cheaper tickets can be purchased. Be in the know, with newsletters being sent directly to you, so you would not have to even go looking for this information. In this case, customers must book right away. These Fly Medview specials are snapped up pretty quickly. Flights in general do sell out fast, but none the more so than if the flight is due to depart in the next few days. These are what is referred to as emergency bookings. Since the flight will probably be full up at this point, there is a waiting line to contend with. Being a member of the Fly Medview loyalty club is a way to jump this queue and advance your chances of getting a seat.

Once a Fly Medview seat has been confirmed, this does not mean that it is set in stone. The passenger can amend or cancel their flight at a small fee. Circumstances do arise and Fly Medview tries to meet the needs of their passengers. Other instances where they offer ample assistance for their flights would be in the case of minors travelling alone or passengers with disabilities. Guide dogs are able to fly in the cabin of the plane, alongside their owner. Pets are able to be carried on Fly Medview flights, though for the safety of other passengers, it has to be done in the cargo hold.