Planning a Destination Wedding? Are You Going to Make These Mistakes?

Planning a wedding can be stressful and daunting especially if it is going to be a destination wedding. You will have a lot more to consider than if it was an ordinary wedding intended to be performed not very far away from home. Because of this, we have compiled for you a list of

top 5 tips for planning a destination wedding to make it a little bit less stressful and daunting;


On the list of top 5 tips for planning a destination wedding, photography comes first. You want to plan for photography early enough so you can capture beautiful photographs of every moment of your destination wedding to show off to family and friends who didn’t attend and also to keep the memories alive. There are many different styles of wedding photography to choose from and the choice depends on you and your partner’s taste and lifestyle. For instance, you can choose traditional photography which requires much involvement of the photographer. The professional coordinates and guides both of you when it comes to posing for pictures. Alternatively, you can go for fine-art photography which involves many different angles, creative backgrounds, lights and unique blend of innovation and latest technologies. The professional researches on the scenes of your wedding venue and then creates special touch in the photography.

A great photographer can really give you lasting memories on your wedding day. Source:

2) Get Your Beauty Professionals Sorted Ahead of Time

Absolutely nothing could be worse than turning up at your special day and not looking exactly how you want to look. Many women having a destination fly in their own hair and makeup artists, just to be certain that everything will be perfect on the day. Some of course do choose to use local professionals, and if that is the case, you need to meet up with those people days before the wedding and have a trial run of your hair and makeup. It is not something you want to be worrying about on the day! Jenny from Espa Beauty said “Sydney is becoming more of a destination wedding hotspot, not for Sydneysiders obviously but quite a few Japanese get married here. Usually they fly in their own stylists but every now and then something goes wrong and we’re more than happy to help out at short notice. It’s often stressful but we make sure everything turns out great.”

3) Choose the Right Destination Location 

Although getting married on a remote island with a magnificent venue in the middle of Pacific or any other sea is a dream destination wedding to many, the reality is far much different. Your guests may not be so impressed with the amount of travel time that it requires. So, consider your guests when selecting your destination and they will be more than glad to celebrate the big day bliss.

4) Choose the Perfect Venue

The beauty of hosting a destination wedding is you have got so many options. Almost every hotel or resort in destination countries offers different wedding packages tailored to suit different needs, making the planning process a lot easier. Alternatively, if you want something a little more than the regular resort wedding, you can always source out other venues like private residences or any things else. These options are normally perfect if you really want to customize your wedding to your tastes and often are not that different in price.


5) Hire Some Professional Assistance

Most brides want to plan their weddings all by themselves which is not understandable but when you are dealing with a destination where you do not know the lie of the land, the best venues, the language or even the best areas in that destination, it is often imperative that you hire a wedding planner. Hiring a local professional is one of the best things you can do to have a perfect destination wedding as not only will they be able to speak the language but they will also have pre-existing relationships with different vendors and venues, making your task a whole lot easier.

6) Take a Trip

Pre-wedding venue visits are very important especially for an exotic wedding. Two or three of those trips may be enough. On the first trip, you will want to search and secure your key venues and those who you will work with (ceremony and reception spaces, a rehearsal dinner space and hotels for your guests and local suppliers like photographers, florists and caterers). During a second trip you will want to see sample bouquets from the florist, schedule “tastings” with your caterer and organize activities for your guests like walking tours and so on.

No matter which destination you pick, if you consider these top 5 tips for planning a destination wedding, you will have no difficultly with planning your dream destination wedding. Your guests will also have a wonderful time attending and celebrating with you on that day.