The Botswana photo safari lays claim to being one of the best

A landlocked country in Southern Africa, Botswana offers ample holiday opportunities. One of the more popular would be the Botswana photo safari. It is a 2 in one trip whereby tour guests will learn the intricacies of photography against a rustic wildlife setting. A safari has got to be a dream destination activity for many people around the world. The Botswana photo safari lays claim to being one of the best, as sightings of native wildlife are in abundance with animals from zebras and lions to elephants all being spotted on one single tour. Couple this with a photographic expedition and you will have photo memories to last a lifetime.

As with any holiday tour, it begins by securing a spot. Many travel companies claim to have tours to Botswana but people interested in the safari need to make sure that the company is reputable and that they are offering a full service package deal with an experienced guide. It is hard to get a spot with the best tour companies offering the Botswana photo safari because their groups are always smaller in numbers and they offer only a set amount of tours to the country per year. This is so that the tour guide can also give tours of other areas in between the Botswana photo safari and in doing so, becoming better-rounded.


The Botswana photo safari can be a learning or advanced based tour. This is in part, of why the tour groups are kept small. The other reason being that the safari is done in the wilderness and if a large group is in one place, noise will ensure from either the cameras or from talking. Since majority of photos wanted on the safari is from the wildlife, it is necessary for a small group to go at a time so that less noise is made and animals are not frightened away.

Small groups also ensure that each person in the group will get an ample amount of time with the tour guide. Usually tour guides on holiday expeditions will narrate to the entire group, but on the Botswana photo expedition each person will need individual attention stemming from camera handling. Botswana is excellent for landscape photography. The flatness of the lands are ideal for game drives. Book into the Botswana photo safari to have all travel factors within the country arranged by experts with a tour photographer coming along too.

The natural lighting and diverse bird, plant and wildlife give visitors many rewarding photos. December to March are the ideal months to tackle the Botswana photo safari. It is the green season and although this is the part of year that the country experiences its most rains, it is a very infrequent as Botswana is a relatively dry country. Over 75 percent of the country is covered by the KalahariDesert though the Okavango Delta is a welcome wetland area and not just for being an Oasis but for the sheer number of animals that visit for this fresh water resource.