A Mozambique birding tour is done with around 6 guests per tour

Birding tours to Mozambique can be done at any time of the year. This South East African country is warm all along the year but that does not mean that it would be easy to get yourself a spot on a Mozambique birding tour. The country is a popular destination due to the hundreds of bird species that call it home.

A Mozambique birding tour is done with around 6 guests per tour. Even though there are several companies providing specialized birding tours to the country, it must be noted that only a certain amount of people are allowed in certain areas at a time. This is part of the reason why the Mozambique birding tour is kept small, so that quotas can be met by all of the travel companies.

It will also mean that every single guest in a group will get an ample amount of time with the tour guide. The plus side of having smaller groups is also so that not much attention is drawn to the group during outings. A smaller group is likely to make less noise than a larger group. Birds can continue their business and birding is all the more better for it. The Mozambique birding tour provides all of the bigger factors that go into a holiday from hotel rooms to transport and meals. Smaller details are not provided for.


This would be clothing. It will be detailed in the Mozambique birding tour itinerary given to all guests once they confirm their spot on the tour, on what to bring along. Pack according to these guidelines. Remember to bring along personal grooming items as well but do not over pack, because luggage will travel with you between spots on the Mozambique birding tour and a heavy bag can be a huge pain. Also, do not forget any medication.

At this point we need to mention that although the tour is not physically intensive, a bit of physical activity is required from the group. Vehicles cannot stop right beside the birds as it will scare them away. A walk will be done to get close enough. Birders should also bring along their own birding equipment. This could be a pen and pad to record all of the details of the species spotted.

Binoculars are of utmost importance. Some companies do provide a pair to each of their guests, thereby allowing them to keep their own at home. A camera is not necessary if it is also a photography based tour, as the travel company will provide this also. In these instances a professional photographer tags along with the group and presents lessons on wildlife and landscape photography.  The camera they carry along can also be used by the group. Mozambique may be a wonderful birding destination but it is also the people and culture of the country which is quite welcoming of guests. A small amount of time is set aside on all Mozambique birding tours to get to experience this a little more.