Algeria may be populated with a lot of amazing areas but some are definitely more unique and deserve a special nod

Algeria may be populated with a lot of amazing areas but some are definitely more unique and deserve a special nod. AnĀ Algeria tour is a popular way to go about visiting the country, as itineraries, accommodation, transport, guides and meals among others will be provided for. Make sure the following 5 places form part of your Algeria tour, because they simply are must see places that are hard to be replicated in any other holiday tour.


  • Constantine- nope, we’re not talking about the comic book hero. Named for Constantine the Great, the iconic aspect of this city is its suspension bridges. Because the city is built between mountains, the bridges serve as access points between them. It is for this that the city has earned the moniker of “City of Bridges”. The bridges are not the only draw during the Algeria tour. It is Algeria’s third largest city and is rich not just in history and museums but Roman architecture as well.
  • Taghit- much of Algeria is desert. Within the deserts there are small towns which are described as oasis towns. With sand dunes as far as the eye can see, it truly is an oasis of sorts to spot a town like Taghit. The town itself is great to just wander about and marvel at the homes and lifestyle of the people. The treasure lies in the nearby Grand Erg Occidental and cave paintings.
  • Oran- a 14th century fort lies at the heart of Oran. Its high walls are not just a majestic sight but the history behind it is just as impressive. Since its initial build, it has been reinforced many times over the centuries so today it is even more impressive than its original state. Tlemcen is close by to Oran and is a treasure chest of Islamic culture. Much can be learned during visits to one of the many tombs, mosques and ruins during the Algeria tour.
  • Djanet- is unique in the fact that the area is one where outdoor accommodation takes place during most Algeria tours. Camping out in the desert dunes is a must do on any Algeria tour. The warm climate makes for the ideal night-time outdoor weather. The area really comes to life when stationed in one spot and there is more of an appreciation of the beauty of the rock formations that line the desert. A fun part of an Algeria tour in Djanet is the camels that are used to trek around.
  • Algiers- is the largest city in Algeria and is the point many tour groups start an Algeria tour. It is a coastal city along the Mediterranean Sea and offers massive opportunities for tourists. Algiers is also Algeria’s capital city and is famed for the bright white of buildings which line the shoreline. Tourists get to discover why the Casbah of Algiers and the nearby Tipasa have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. A fair amount of time is spent in Algiers as part of an Algeria tour seeing as there are so many museums to visit, the great architecture and the El-Hamma Garden.